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WiziQ allows free Virtual Classrooms for Online Teaching

A great news indeed for all the teachers round the world that they don't have to pay anymore for conducting their virtual class room for the students. is free online learning platform equipped with live audio-video communication, chat, content sharing, and session recording capabilities for teachers to relay their lectures over internet which is a major break thorugh in E-Learning platforms.

Moreover people can also earn a good living out of this free platform as WiziQ will serve as an intermediate between you and students.Teachers are already using WiZiQ as a tool for their teaching business, without the need of physically being with their students; any teacher on WiZiQ can make money online by teaching from home, or anywhere. Have a look at a presentation below to now how WiziQ can help you to earn a living.

The platform has other features like a content library, a test section, teacher profiles, and free public sessions by experts. So this is a great news for students also to use and get expert lessons for free.

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