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CYBER SPIRITS becomes one of the top read and rated Technology blog

It was in 2006, when the author of this blog realised that there was literally no blog around the world which is writing and giving the information of every niches of life. All bloggers had a micro perspective i a single field. Realising the importance that all niches are important in life, late 2006 saw the birth of first blogger worldwide who started writing in all niches of life like Finance, Technology, Spirituality, Heath etc.

See more at About page of the blog. Now 1 year 10 months later a good news is that Cyber Spirits is in Top 50 most read technology blog worldwide after Mashable and TechCrunch. These stats have been revealed by BlogoWogo A people choice web directory, where people read the articles and read them on the basis of their content. I was very happy to read that. Cyber Spirits is also getting Exclusive coverage in News Factor as a Top Rated and one of the best Blog.

With the continuing support of lakhs of readers of the blog will help make Cyber Spirits become a top blog :)and get the best information on all niches of life.

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