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Reusing the code in software

Talking of Software Development fast development is one of the major aim. Code Reusage in Software Development has been a recent hit funda for software making companies.

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Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head with your last paragraph. I think that company should try to make applications or complex code, adapting this process to a clients needs. More of that, it should value and guarantee the intellectual property, source code and design protection as well as the confidentiality of their services to clients. Information for this comment was taken from BelHard Group web-site. BelHard Group is one of the leading IT holdings in Belarus, and BelHard Outsourcing is its software development division

Anay said...

Code reuse need not be the adoption of modules written for one project for some other project. Code reuse occurs within the same project also. This makes it easy to maintain the effectively.