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The Valley of Divine Peace- Baru Sahib of Kalgidhar Society

With increasing social evils like alcholism, female-foeticide, drug abuse etc. the need of the hour is to have a Drug free society and all mankind should be educated for a better living. For the same purpose Kalgidhar Society and Trust is working in the direction of bringing back India's glory by arresting drug abuse, patit-puna and female-foeticide. Currently the trust is aiming Punjab where they have 23 Akal Academies in far flung areas, where in 23,000 kids are being given spiritual as well as worldly education. With the establishment of Akal Academies in rural areas, fall in crime, social-evils, drug-addiction etc. has been observed by the Govt. agencies in the surrounding villages.

That's the effect of education with Gurbani. They are currently into many projects which are not only educational but many projects like Hospitals, Drug De-Addiction centres, free education to poor (without any discrimination of caste, creed nd religion), Natural Medicines, Food Oils, etc. involve serving whole humanity(SARBAT DA BHALLA). Another gift to humanity is Akal College of Engineering and first batch has already started from 2007 which uder Akal University, Baru Sahib.

All bloggers are invited to get involved in their project via sewa/service in terms of time, money and internet popularity. If you have any blogs, websites, forums or groups Please acquaint them with Kalgidhar trust services. You can see their site ( for all of their projects and make donations to uplift the society.

Come lets join and eradicate drug abuse, patit-puna and female-foeticide from our society to live in peace, harmony and affection.

[Issued in the service of Humanity]

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